Solstice Expands DHMO Products to the Arizona Dental Market

Solstice Benefits

Dental, vision, and life insurer Solstice Benefits announces its expansion into the Arizona market, offering competitive, comprehensive dental HMO (DHMO) plans to employer groups and individuals in the area.

As a leading dental and vision insurance provider with over 700,000 members nationwide, Solstice’s expansion brings quality and affordable DHMO-style plan options to the Arizona market. According to the National Association of Dental Plans’ (NADP) Arizona Fact Sheet, there are almost 283,000 people enrolled in Arizona DHMO plans – and 23% of Arizona residents don’t have any dental coverage at all. This expansion brings these Arizona residents new, affordable, and flexible healthcare options with Solstice’s DHMO plans– offering both Arizona families seeking dental coverage for the first time and current DHMO participants newfound access to dental care whenever they need it.

“We found a demand in the Arizona market for a strong DHMO product – so we are thrilled to have the opportunity to make our footprint in this territory,” said Brian Correia, VP of Sales and Marketing, Solstice. “Our products are uniquely structured, and provide easy, affordable access to dental care – something the Arizona community will truly benefit from,” he continued. “I’m looking forward to the new heights this expansion will take Solstice.”    

Solstice’s DHMO offerings coming to Arizona are open access – meaning no rosters, late entry penalties, or waiting periods that can inhibit members’ care. On average, these plans cover more than 150 more procedure codes than other carriers. The plans come with a suite of wellness programs and member perks, such as a prescription discount program, hearing aid discount program, prenatal dental program, and others. Solstice will also offer DHMO enrollment for individual consumers. Individual plans will be available for purchase anytime during the year via Solstice’s website.

About Solstice

“Headquartered in South Florida, Solstice provides dental HMO (DHMO), dental PPO (DPPO), vision and life insurance to over 700,000 members nationwide. Solstice’s DHMO network serves communities across 22 states, including FL, NY, and NJ. Solstice believes in a holistic approach to improve their members’ health and offers a wide range of benefits, wellness programs, and member perks. To learn more about Solstice and their products, visit their website or contact them.”

Source: Solstice Benefits, Inc.