Solstice Health Insurance Company's EPO Provider Network Largest in State of New York

Solstice Health Insurance Company (SHIC) has largest EPO dental provider network in New York.

​Solstice Health Insurance Company (SHIC) is pleased to announce that its EPO (DHMO style) provider network—based on numbers reported by Netminder, which compares provider networks—is officially the largest in New York. Members seeking a dental provider near them will have no trouble locating one. Additionally, SHIC has no closed dental offices in its network, and its EPO network is open access. This unique plan model means members are free to choose any provider in the Solstice network, with no rosters or lengthy wait times. And, members can change providers at any time without notifying Solstice.

These elements create superior customer satisfaction. A large provider network with open offices creates greater choices and flexibility, while an open access model makes health care experiences more pleasant.

"SHIC's Provider Relations team has worked very hard to recruit providers in New York to allow members the highest access to dental offices where they live."

Carlos Ferrera, Chief Operating Officer

In fact, in a survey of over 2,300 employees and eight Fortune 500 companies, over 50 percent of participants in capitation style plans—which require members to see providers assigned by their insurance companies—reported dissatisfaction with their plan.

On the other hand, patients enrolled in open access plans were four times more likely to be very satisfied with their dental plans.

"SHIC's Provider Relations team has worked very hard to recruit providers in New York to allow members the highest access to dental offices where they live," said SHIC Chief Operating Officer Carlos Ferrera. "Our large EPO network, combined with our open access model, helps ensure member satisfaction and, more importantly, member ability to get the regular cleanings and care they need."

About SHIC:
Solstice Health Insurance Company is a privately held New York corporation affiliated with Solstice Benefits, Inc. ("Solstice"), which is based in Plantation Florida. Solstice administers and markets dental, vision, pharmaceutical, life and short- and long-term disability benefits plans. Solstice, along with its affiliates and subsidiaries also offer Third Party Administration (TPA) services in Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia markets—and are in the process of expanding nationwide. Solstice has been named one of "Florida's Best Companies to Work For" and has made Inc. magazine's "America's Fastest Growing Companies" list for several years in a row. The company was awarded accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), indicating dedication to quality and excellence in business practices. For information on Solstice, contact 1.877.760.2247 or visit