Solstice Launches New User Features to MySolstice Mobile App

Solstice Benefits

Dental, vision, and life insurer Solstice Benefits brings innovation to insurance apps with the MySolstice app’s new features, which are live on the app on February 14.

The app is adding a streamlined provider search feature that groups multiple providers in a single office together into one search result. This feature prevents large offices from having a monopoly on search results in their area – and makes it easier to find a healthcare provider for members looking for a dentist in their neighborhood.

“At the end of the day, insurance apps are about bringing convenience to members and their families,” says Carlos Ferrera, Solstice’s Chief Operating Officer. “Making it quick and easy to find a provider is key to that. So that is one of the first things we wanted to do with the MySolstice app,” he continued. “And we will continue to bring features that make our members’ lives easier in 2020 and beyond.”

Some of the other features of the MySolstice app include:

·         Viewing subscriber and dependent coverage: The app allows you to view your coverage status, enrolled plans, and Schedule of Benefits (SOB) all in one place. Solstice members can get all the benefits information they need directly on the app – even in the dentist’s chair.

·         Cleaning Status: The app also tracks members’ cleaning history and displays the date of their last cleaning. To take things a step further, the technology will also provide recommendation reminders as to when the member should get their next cleaning.

·         ID Cards: Members can view their ID cards digitally once logging into their account on the MySolstice app. The digital ID card shows the subscriber’s and dependents’ names, enrolled plans, and effective date. It can also be saved as an image or easily sent through email or text through the app's “share” feature.

The MySolstice app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for download to all Solstice members.


About Solstice

Headquartered in South Florida, Solstice provides dental HMO (DHMO), dental PPO (DPPO), vision and life insurance to over 700,000 members nationwide. Solstice’s DHMO network serves communities across 22 states, including FL, NY, NJ, and AZ. Solstice believes in a holistic approach to improve their members’ health and offers a wide range of benefits, wellness programs, and member perks. To learn more about Solstice and their products, visit their website or contact them.

Source: Solstice Benefits